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My Inspiration and Motivation

My sister Timothy (fondly known as Dena), inspired me to get involved in the hair augmentation industry due to her personal experience with hair loss. Timothy was an Ebony Fashion Fair model and the first African American to model Jordache Jeans. Although she achieved great success in her modeling career, her personal life was unraveling due to hair loss as a result of chemical burns to her scalp. This caused her to become inward, depressed and very self-conscious. Dena became so embarrassed that she never wanted for anyone to see her without hair, not even her family. Knowing how depressed she was about her hair loss, my younger sister paid for a hair replacement system from a very reputable company. Unfortunately, the results looked unnatural, and Dena was still sad. I prayed “Lord, you’ve got to let me learn how to do that, and make it look more natural.” About 6 months, later I finally got the opportunity. I made myself a promise that I would perfect the technique and make it have a more natural appearance. It became very personal to me. Just as I thought, she began to feel good about herself after we achieved a more natural appearance. Sadly, the joy did not last long since we shortly found out my sister had another battle to overcome… breast cancer. This devastating situation made me more determined to give her and others like her the opportunity to feel good about themselves.

In 2008, a year before my sister passed, I started a non-profit organization called “Hair Dreams by Christal”. The goal of this organization is to provide non-surgical hair replacement systems to underprivileged women and children who suffer from extreme long or short term hair loss. I aim to restore people’s self-esteem and rebuild their confidence by enhancing their outward appearance. Our motto is “You can be sick, but you don’t have to look sick. You can have hair loss and no one has to know it.” Typically, when we think of hair loss we envision balding middle-aged men, but today with all the food additives, illnesses, traumatic experiences, medication and stress levels, many women and children are also experiencing hair loss. Hair loss reaches across all social, racial and economic spectrums. It does not pick and choose who it will affect.

Through Hair Dreams by Christal I have come across women and children whose self-esteem was so shattered, they were unable to look me in the eyes. They were broken, they didn’t feel whole, and they just didn’t feel good about themselves. Seeing the physical and emotional transformation that takes place after their hair treatment is truly astonishing and it reassures me that I am honoring my sister in the best way.

Get To Know Christal Mercier

Christal Mercier, owner of Hair by Christal and founder of Hair Dreams by Christal, Inc., is no stranger to innovation and hard work. Born in Houston’s historic Third Ward into a family of 12 siblings, Christal quickly learned to stand out from a crowd and establish a sense of individuality.

By the age of 12, she had already developed an entrepreneurial spirit by earning extra money styling hair for others, not knowing that her talent would lead to a life-long career. In addition to styling hair, Christal continued to nurture other talents throughout her childhood, such as playing the saxophone while in the world-renowned Kashmere High School jazz band and becoming a decorated martial artist with 2nd degree Brown belt. While developing these talents, Christal’s natural knack for working with her hands and nurturing others’ self esteem took a backseat to her extracurricular activities.

Upon graduating from high school, Christal began working odd jobs in the medical and manufacturing industries until she landed a position with the United States Postal Service. Although Christal intended to remain in this position until retirement, her passion for styling hair and desire to help women look and feel their best began to drive her in a new career direction. For several years, she continued to work for the United States Postal Service while building her own business, which would eventually become Hair by Christal.

In 1990, Christal opened the doors of Hair by Christal in Missouri City, Texas. Her natural talents, business savvy and hearts’ desires seamlessly flourished into a thriving business. Today, Hair by Christal is an iconic salon known for its innovative braiding, weaving, extensions and hair replacement systems with a client range spanning across the Unites States, including some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces.

In addition to being a member of these organizations, she also is very active in supporting other community organizations and individuals who share her vision for helping others feel good about themselves. According to Christal, the opportunity to play a role in helping someone discover inner and outer beauty is the true essence of a stylist’s work. Through her work, Christal has set out to change lives one style at a time.

After achieving unimaginable levels of success with her business, Christal was inspired to seek specialized training in hair replacement systems when one of her sisters began losing her hair due to chemical negligence, and later chemotherapy treatments. Before her sister passed away, Christal promised her she would find a way to share her gift of the illusion of hair restoration with men, women and children who suffer from hair loss and baldness. In 2008, Christal founded Hair Dreams by Christal, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides services free of charge to a diverse range of individuals suffering from hair loss. Through her organization she strives to make people’s hair dreams come true by enhancing their outward appearance, thus renewing their self-esteem.

Currently, Christal is a member of:


  • Alopecia Areata Foundation
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Hair Loss Council
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Fort Bend Alliance
  • Main Street Chamber
  • Tri-City Business Alliance