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Ulyana K

‘m 25 yrs.old and when I was diagnosed with cancer I started
searching for a wig. I met Christal through a lady who works in
Memorial Hermann Hospital. Before I had chemo I decided to make
a wig out of my long hair and Christal helped me to do that. My hair
was sent to China and unfortunantely my wig wasn’t ready when I had
to leave the country to visit my family. Christal let me pick a couple of
wigs that I could use, I tried on a dozen of them, she was very patient
considering I didn’t have an appointment. I had a hard time deciding
between two styles I really liked, Christal wanted me to use both of them.
It was very nice to meet such a thoughtful lady who likes her job and tries
to make happy everyone who comes through her doors. When you first come in it feels like home, very warm and welcoming.