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Monica Fashion Client

Sometimes I don’t like wearing my natural hair down, so therefore I enjoy wearing a hair replacement system. It saves time, I lead a healthy lifestyle. I workout a lot, I’m a fitness competitor and the hair replacement protects my hair from breakage and damage. Plus sometimes I am just plain old lazy.

Armoni 8yr old Cancer Survivor

My hair replacement makes me feel beautiful and whole like a princess even on days when I get treatment. Going through treatment takes something away from me, but the hair replacement gives it back

Beverly B

I love my hair, it’s so versatile and very natural looking. Christal made me feel so good about myself, giving me the confidence I never had before.

Gwen T

I came to Christal with severe hair breakage. She made my hair healthy and grow. I love the service at Hair by Christal.

Crystle Stewart

I have been going to Christal for years now. Despite the many opportunities I have had to go to Los Angeles based celebrity hair stylists, I always go back to Missouri City’s finest, “Hair by Christal”. Christal always has her client’s best interest in mind. Not only does she do amazing styles but she makes


In 2008 I met Christal through advertisement, I wanted the hair replacement but the cost was unaffordable for me. In 2014, I was contacted by Christal to be acandidate for “Hair Dreams”, I am very grateful for thisopportunity. My confidence has increased considerably, my self esteem was very low, but because of Christal, I feel

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