I have been going to Christal for years now. Despite the many opportunities I have had to go to Los Angeles based celebrity hair stylists, I always go back to Missouri City’s finest, “Hair by Christal”. Christal always has her client’s best interest in mind. Not only does she do amazing styles but she makes sure your hair is healthy and growing. After the death of her sister, Christal started Hair Dreams to help people of any race, gender, or age with chronic hair loss. Even though she started Hair Dreams a few years ago, she has ALWAYS managed to make her clients hair dreams come true.
Crystle Stewart Miss USA 2008
“Leslie” in Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse & “Diana” in Tyler Perry’s Acrimony
I love my hair, it’s so versatile and very natural looking. Christal made me feel so good about myself, giving me the confidence I never had before.
Beverly B.
My hair replacement makes me feel beautiful and whole like a princess even on days when I get treatment. Going through treatment takes something away from me, but the hair replacement gives it back
– 8yr old Cancer Survivor
What an Amazing place. Hair by Christal is the best place for all your hair needs. No matter who you are, or where you from the manager, Christal treats you like family. She and her staff are the most courteous, professional, and welcoming individuals that you will ever encounter. Everyone at Hair by Christal loves what they do, and they are the “BEST” period. I am extremely happy and thankful to Christal for all the hard work and dedication she puts forth for her clients. She makes you feel comfortable and she makes you smile. Hair by Christal is the only placed that I would ever recommend anyone looking to find a permanent home for all their hair needs. THANK YOU SO MUCH Christal!!!
Umair Tariq
In 2008 I met Christal through advertisement, I wanted the hair replacement but the cost was unaffordable for me. In 2014, I was contacted by Christal to be a candidate for “Hair Dreams”, I am very grateful for this opportunity. My confidence has increased considerably, my self esteem was very low, but because of Christal, I feel good about myself again! Christal, you are such an inspiration, it is a blessing that we met. I personally want to thank you for beginning this ministry because that’s what it is to me. You are helping men, women and children feel good about themselves again. Thanks for allowing God to use you and the “Hair Dream” in such a powerful way.
Christal “It’s a blessing to regain my confidence and smile. I no longer have to find ways to hide my hair loss. My hair replacement system is awesome. It’s very natural looking, versatile and low maintenance. Christal’s passion and professionalism gives new meaning to “getting my hair done”. I hate it took me so long to take that first step, but I thank God I did. Thanks again!!
R. Jackson
I came to Christal with severe hair breakage. She made my hair healthy and grow. I love the service at Hair by Christal.
Gwen T.
“Sometimes I don’t like wearing my natural hair down, so therefore I enjoy wearing a hair replacement system. It saves time, I lead a healthy lifestyle. I workout a lot, I’m a fitness competitor and the hair replacement protects my hair from breakage and damage.
Fashion Client
I’m 25 yrs.old and when I was diagnosed with cancer I started searching for a wig. I met Christal through a lady who works in Memorial Hermann Hospital. Before I had chemo I decided to make a wig out of my long hair and Christal helped me to do that. My hair was sent to China and unfortunantely my wig wasn’t ready when I had to leave the country to visit my family. Christal let me pick a couple of wigs that I could use, I tried on a dozen of them, she was very patient considering I didn’t have an appointment. I had a hard time deciding between two styles I really liked, Christal wanted me to use both of them. It was very nice to meet such a thoughtful lady who likes her job and tries to make happy everyone who comes through her doors. When you first come in it feels like home, very warm and welcoming.
Ulyana K
When I visited your salon today, I didn’t know what to expect, I was desperate for someone in your profession to help me with my hair problems, I came to you with this unit on my head that I was not very pleased with I felt ashamed going out of my house for any reason. You sat me in your chair took off that wig reconstructed it you gave me a fresh new style and look. In my heart you are the best of the best, you gave me some eyebrows that I had very little of and a set of false eyelashes that I never thought of wearing before. But when you were finished with everything you had done for me I was shocked to see how much more beautiful you made me look, and I appreciate you for the work you do for people like me who need sincere dedicated people in your profession to do what you do, I will let everyone know who ask that you “Mrs. Mercier” gave me my sense of worth and hope back. Today I walk with my head up because of the pride you restored to my spirit. May God continue to bless you always! Thank you for giving me my life back.
D. Bert
Christal has a special eye and talent. I am so happy I met her at a conference, and she invited me to her salon for a consultation and I have been coming ever since. She works until she completes the work!
Crystal We go through life sometimes and we don’t recognize the people that are truly a Blessing from God, that come into our lives. I Thank God that he placed you in our lives! You restored a confidence in Rosalyn that no one else but God and you could achieve. I am truly thankful. God Bless!
Christal is awesome, she is concerned about her clients and their families. She guarantees her work and unfolds the beauty that is sometimes hidden due to hair loss. Best Stylist in Texas.
H. Lewis
Amazing salon!!! Wonderful customer service and Christal is just amazing when it comes to anything hair. Truly awesome experience!
W. Vaughn